SigmaX VS Free Fire Advance Server, which one is the best?

SigmaX VS Free Fire Advance Server

There are a good number of games in the category of battleground and battle royal, Free Fire is a multiplayer survival game and Sigma X also lies in this category. 

Free Fire Battleground is a famous game that has millions of active daily players on another hand Sigma X is the copy of Free Fire Battleground, which is known as the alternative of Free Fire Battleground. 

Both have almost the same structure, but the design colors, etc are somehow not the same. 

About Sigma X

Sigma x is just like Free Fire battleground, if you have already played in Free Fire battleground then you will easily feel like this is the exact copy of Free Fire battleground. 

Sigma x is the alternative to Free Fire Battleground and Free Fire Advance

It has the same structure, design, and other things as Free Fire, even game modes with the same design and different names. 

About Free Fire battleground 

What is Free Fire?

  • Free Fire is a mobile and PC game where you play against other players in a battle royale format. This means you’re dropped onto a map with many other players, and your goal is to be the last person or team standing.
  • How do you play?
    • You start by parachuting onto a map.
    • You need to scavenge for weapons, supplies, and vehicles to survive.
    • The play area shrinks over time, forcing players closer together and increasing the intensity of the battles.
    • You need to strategize, shoot, and survive to be the ultimate survivor.
  • Key Features:
    • Characters: You can choose different characters, each with unique abilities that can help you in the game.
    • Weapons: There are various weapons to collect, ranging from guns to melee weapons.
    • Vehicles: You can use vehicles like cars and motorcycles to move around the map quickly.
    • Modes: Besides the classic battle royale mode, there are also other game modes like Clash Squad, which is a shorter, more intense version of the game.


SigmaXFree Fire Advance Server
Developed by Studio Arm, Chasen LindseyDeveloped by Garena
Initially removed from the Google Play StoreWidely available on major app stores
Released in November 2022, updated July 2023Longer presence in the market
Offers smoother graphics, fewer lagsGraphics and gameplay experience may vary
Features unique characters and customizationOffers various characters and customization options
Extensive emote collection, unique skinsCustomization options include outfits, emotes, and weapon skins
Ad-free gameplay, multilingual supportMultilingual support, available in multiple languages
Offline play with bots, easy updatesOffline mode available, regular updates
Mythic suits, event gifts, multiple scopesOffers various in-game events, diverse gameplay modes
Extensive feature setFeatures typical of a battle royale game

Which one is better 

Deciding which is better between SigmaX and Free Fire largely depends on individual preferences. SigmaX offers smoother graphics, extensive customization options, and unique features like mythic suits and event gifts.

However, Free Fire boasts a larger player base, a longer presence in the market, and diverse gameplay modes. Ultimately, players should consider factors such as graphics, gameplay mechanics, community size, and personal preferences to determine which game suits their tastes and preferences better.

Which One Have High Graphics 

Both Free Fire and SigmaX have really good graphics. Free Fire has bright and detailed graphics that make the game look colorful and fun. SigmaX also has great graphics, but they look more like cartoons, similar to Fortnite.

Both games want players to have fun with their graphics, whether they like the realistic style of Free Fire or the cartoonish style of SigmaX. So, both games are awesome in their way when it comes to graphics!

Which One Is Good For Low-Specification Devices 

Both Free Fire and SigmaX are well-suited for low-spec devices due to their optimized performance. Free Fire offers adjustable graphics settings, allowing players to customize their experience based on their device’s capabilities.

Similarly, SigmaX features simple graphics that require less processing power, ensuring smooth gameplay even on devices with limited resources. Overall, both games prioritize performance optimization, making them suitable choices for players with low-spec devices.


In conclusion, both Free Fire and SigmaX offer compelling options for players interested in battle royale games, each with its own strengths. While Free Fire provides vibrant and detailed graphics along with customizable gameplay settings, SigmaX stands out with its cartoonish aesthetics and smooth performance even on low-spec devices.

Despite being removed from the Google Play Store, SigmaX continues to attract players with its unique features and updates. Ultimately, both games contribute to the diverse landscape of battle royale gaming, catering to a wide range of preferences and device capabilities.



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