Which weapons are so powerful in the SigmaX Game

Power ful weapons in the SigmaX game

In every Battle Royale game, there are dozens of weapons. But only some of them are so powerful. How strong a gun is depends on how much force it gives to the bullets.

Today I’m going to discuss which weapons are too powerful in the SigmaX and what’s the reason behind their strength. After having a walkthrough of here, next time you’ll know which weapon to pick and which not to. So, let’s get started.

Powerful Weapons in the SigmaX

Here is a list of all the very powerful weapons. Make sure your next choice is among them.

WeaponAmmoBullet Speed
AKM7.62mm3.6 KPH
M4165.56mm3.6 km/h
Groza7.62mm3.6 KPH/m
M7627.62mm3.6 KPH
AWM.300 Magnum982KPH đŸ”¥
M247.62mm3.6 km/h
MK147.62mm3.6 km/h
UZI9mm3.6 KPH

Less Powerful Weapons in the SigmaX

Here’s a list of weapons that aren’t that good but you can use them if you don’t find a good one.

WeaponAmmoBullet Speed
Desert Eagle.45 ACP1.60934 km/h
CrossbowBolt91.44 KPH
Sawed-off12 Gauge3.6 KPH
PP-19 Bizon9mm1134 KPH
MK125.56mm3,291.84 KPH
QBU5.56mm3.6 km/h
SLR7.62mm3.6 km/h
VSS9mm1188 KPH


In summary, in the SigmaX game, standout powerful weapons include the AKM, M416, Groza, and AWM, which are known for their powerful ammo and bullet speed. Meanwhile, less powerful options like the Desert Eagle and PP-19 Bizon are usable but don’t have the same effect. I would say that players should consider these factors when choosing strategic weapons in the fast-paced world of SigmaX.

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