How to Download and Use CX File Explorer?

CX File Explorer APK

You might have heard about File Explorer and if you are wondering how to use CX File Explorer, here we are with the complete guide to this application. You will learn to use the app, connect other accounts, manage the storage on the device, and many other useful features of this application.

Apart from that, there are other hidden features of CX File Explorer APK which we have mentioned below. Overall, this post will help you use the application like a professional to manage your device’s storage easily. If you will use it properly then it is a useful Android file managing app for the users.

How to use CX File Explorer?

CX File Explorer intends to provide easy access to users to manage their device storage and clear unwanted space consumption. However, this is only possible if you set up the application as required. To use this application you have to enable the required permissions and allow access to your device. This will not cause any unusual effect on your device as it is a genuine app.

After allowing the permissions, users can visit the settings of the application to customize the app. Here you can change the appearance of the app, edit the folders, and do multiple activities. Besides, all the in-build settings are available to provide user-friendly access to the users.

Once you set up the application completely, then you need to work on various actions such as sorting the folders according to size or name, analyzing the storage, clearing the cache, hiding folders, connecting one drive, and so on.

Enabling the Permissions

Make sure to enable all permissions from the device setting for a smooth performance.

Connect OneDrive Account

You can also merge the data from one drive or Google Drive to the application with a single tap. For that, you have to open the application and connect your accounts from where you want to import the data. It is a simple process and also it takes no time to complete the import.

Analysing the Phone

Open the CX File Explorer APK and click on the phone analysis button to run an analysis. This will collect all the data on your phone to show the exact data consumption. In addition, it will also separate the files, folders, images, videos, and even songs.

Storage Percentage

Get the percentage of consumption of space on your phone and note down the applications with a higher percentage. If those files or folders are of no use then delete them to clear up some space.

Clearing Cache

Now you do not have to clear the cache data on your phone from the device settings as this application allows you to clear it instantly from the app. This will help you remove unwanted space consumption and you will feel a great deal of difference in your phone’s performance.

Hide Folders

Open the application and select the files you want to keep hidden from others. Move those files to the hidden folder and encrypt it with a passcode.

Filter the Files

Sort the files and folders according to your need to access them quickly. You can customize them according to name, size, date, and date of modification. This will provide you with a quick grab of the required items on your phone.

How does CX File Explorer work?

This application runs an analysis on your phone and collects the data of files and folders stored on it. It then shows you the result of the analysis in percentage. Furthermore, it separates the unwanted files into a folder where you can check and remove them. In addition, if you remove a useful file then you can easily restore it from the recycle bin.

Moreover, it categorizes the data on your phone to provide a user-friendly experience. Everything is made simple with this application so that you can easily manage the space on your device. Apart from that, it also allows the users to collect the data from Google Drive or One Drive without any third-party involvement.

Personal Review

This application is ranked as one of the top Android file managers because of its wide set of customizable features. If you learn how to use CX File Explorer then you can easily boost the performance of your phone and clear a bulk of unwanted data in seconds. This application can be very useful in terms of managing files and folders professionally.


To sum up, clear the unwanted data on your phone and learn easy steps on how to use CX File Explorer. Master the app and enhance the performance of your device without paying any charges for premium applications. Download this application and manage everything on your phone in a professional way. This will help you to set up the data according to your desire at no cost.

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